Write down about the Incident and Your Injuries

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Write down about the Incident and Your Injuries


There are two critical problems in any legal claim brought after an accident or injury:

1. The accurate information regarding the incident that gave rise to the claim?


2. What kind of injuries It resulted?


These problems will come back at many circumstances of a personal injury case, and more complex cases can last more than a year, so having a good record to review can contribute to the success of your claim.


How can you better preserve the Evidence in an Accident or Injury Case?


The best way to preserve all the important details on your accident or injury is to create a clear report as soon as possible after the fact, taking notes of what happened and all the effects that the injury caused in your daily life.


Anyway it can be a tough task to take notes after suffering what may be a traumatic experience, but remember that it will help strengthen your position in a legal claim for your injuries. It's always good to have a loved one or a close friend to help you putting this notes together, especially if you are unable to act quickly due to injuries or medical treatment.


What should I take notes off?


As soon as possible, please take notes of everything that is related to:


Report in a document everything that happened before, during, and after the incident that resulted in your injury - the location and time, the weather conditions, the people evolved, what was said, how the incident happened, what you experienced and felt, and anything else that you think it may be important to register.


Write down all the extent of your injuries - the injuries you suffered (Physical and mental), all the medical treatment you received, and the effect that those injuries caused on your daily life, work, social and personal life. That can include visits to the doctor and physical therapist, time missed from work, travels and any planned vacations that were postponed or cancelled, and the effects that your injuries caused on your close family relationships.


Write down throughout the Claim Process


As the claim goes on, don't stop keeping track of new conversations with your insurance company, medical care providers, witnesses to the incident, and any person whom you discuss important aspects of your case. You have to take notes of each person's name and contact info, the date and place of the conversation, and as much as you can remember what was said.


your life, and keep track of your health recovery. Those notes will help you and your attorney throughout the claim process, and that can be fundamental to receive a fair and adequate compensation for your injuries.


Going after Legal Help


Writing down about your accident details is vital action in preserving evidence of an accident, but it's just the first part in a long, and often complicated, process. Always consult an experienced personal injury attorney to be able to analyze the information and evident supplied by you, and advise you about whether or not have a viable claim.